3 thoughts on “Melbourne-Perth, 13.04.22

  1. That looks like such a random load! All sorts of odds and ends on there. I do wish to know what “Dog Run” is!


    1. It does look random, doesn’t it. But in fact it was quite a straightforward load for interstate. The front trailer was machines for one customer and the back two trailers were what I ‘always’ carry out of Melbourne – 6m (20 ft) lengths of steel under the tarps and cars or forklifts on top.

      In Australia a trailer with wheels at the front, and pulled via a drawbar to the next trailer is called a ‘dog’. So a dog run is the taking of that trailer to the road train assembly point. My trailers aren’t dogs but I use the expression anyway. Coming out of Melbourne I ‘dog run’ one trailer up to Charlton, 240 km, and then go back for the other two. I can then run as a road train up through north west Victoria (the Mallee) and across South Australia to Western Australia.


      1. Oooooh. In the U.S. I think folks have “yes to trucks” and “NO TRUCKS ALLOWED” and you all figure it out from there.


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